I’ve just uploaded my last portion of photo impressions from Svaneti - breathtakingly beautiful province of Georgia with incredible natural and cultural heritage. This time with a some fleeting touch of suprematism spirit and split complementary, triadic and tetradic notes.

This series was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.

The art dealer Karl Nierendorf asked Wassily Kandinsky in 1937: “It is often said that abstract art has nothing more to do with nature. Do you think this is the case?”

Kandinsky replied: “No! And no again! Abstract painting leaves the "skin" of nature, but not its laws. Permit me to use the grand expression “cosmic laws”. Art can only be great when it is in direct contact with cosmic laws and subjects itself to them. One senses these laws unconsciously when one approaches nature not externally but inwardly; one must be able not only to see nature but to experience it. If the artist has outer and inner eyes for nature, nature rewards him by giving him inspiration”.

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