I am very proud to have four artworks selected for “Abstract”, an international juried exhibition at the great Midwest Center for Photography in Wichita (Kansas, USA). The exhibition runs through May 28th.

“Abstract is where we are all in a sense, living in a shifted context of culture, we find ourselves out of our elements and having to try new things. We are looking at things in a whole different way now and have shifted perspectives looking in an abstract manner. As photographers we are seeing things close to us because we are not venturing out as far, when our lives are closer to home we look at things close-up. And when going out our vision is drawn to push things differently within the compositional frame. Creative ways of looking at what is in front of us and finding interest in the details. It is refreshing to look through our cameras with a purely visual eye capturing design elements and not having to think too critically about what it all means, a way to check out and let a stream of consciousness dictate visual aesthetics. A look at how we are currently seeing things through the photographs in this exhibition. “ (c) Midwest Center for Photography

More information: www.mwcponline.com

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