I'm happy to announce that four my artworks from “Urbangraphy” series has been selected for curated small group photography exhibition “Anthologies” in the Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center (USA, Minneapolis)!

“Praxis Gallery is inaugurating a triennial, small group exhibition featuring narrative based collections of photographic art limited to six artists with four images each. The title of the show, Anthologies, is derived from the Greek meaning “to gather, or collect”. In this precise sense Praxis Gallery seeks to explore the manner in which photographic artists gather and organize images into collections - thereby creating meaning. However, this is not an exercise in sequencing images or linear chronologies; it is more an interpretive exploration of the interdependence of each image vis a vis the collective meaning of the group of images - indulging the viewer to extract their own subjectivities, searching for meaning out of collected images that may seem meandering, anfractuous and excursionary – as much as they may also seem explicit and absolute in substance.” (c) Gallery statement


Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center 

2637 27th Ave So

Minneapolis, MN 55406, United States

Exhibition dates: Jan 16th - Jan 30th, 2021 (open by appointment)

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