The evening frowned.

The air felt faded, the color dampened, and the terrain was covered with the anticipation of petrichor.

A huge, heavy rain cloud, which seemed to be an unknown, extraterrestrial creature in its cold aloofness, finally passed over the majestic crown of the snow-white beauty of Shkhara and quickly covered the valley with a dark shroud, inexorably approaching the hushed mountain village of Ushguli.

It was a beautiful, exciting and majestic picture of the power of nature and feeling of fragility of human civilisation (in spite of all its technological progress) in comparison.

An impression I tried to capture in my artwork "The rain is coming".

It was also an outstanding and inspiring trip and wonderful Georgia is often on my mind.

Therefore I’m especially very honored to be amongst the winners of one of the biggest and most prestigious photography awards in the world - International Photography Awards - with this artwork.

"The rain Is coming" was awarded fist place in “Special Effects” category and got into Jury Top 5 Selection. It's really heartwarming to know that your artwork is not just accepted but also awarded amongst finest entries from the world that are judged by the best names in the industry!

Mr. Juan Curto, jury member, owner and director of camara oscura, an art gallery specialising in international contemporary photography, wrote about my artwork:

“Fractured landscapes like this make us think of technology, Internet and an alienated world. They are fascinating and compelling. This is post-photography.”

These exact words definitely resonate with me, post-photography is exactly how I feel about what I'm doing!

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