I'm absolutely amazed and highly honored!

""Congratulations to Ilya Trofimenko of Dresden, Germany whose haunting image "From Somewhere to Nowhere" was voted People's Choice in OPEN - 2018 by visitors to the gallery!" (c) Darkroom Gallery


I am very thrilled and happy to be one of the photographers exhibiting at the "Significant Colours" exhibition in PH21 Gallery (Budapest, Hungary).

The exhibition will be held from 19 April 19 to 12 May.


New gallery "The breath of lamp" - my midnight waltz with floor lamp.


I am delighted and honored to receive honorable mention with my photo "Little svan" (that I made in Svaneti, Georgia) at the one-shot themed photo competition "Harmony" by International Photography Awards. My gratitude to the jury, the organization and congratulations to all the winners and other nominees!


I'm happy and proud to announce that two my artworks - "Landing" and "The Window" - will be represented at the next "Electron Salon" group exhibition in the LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.

The exhibition will be held from 12 April to 5 May.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is located in the Gallery Row area of downtown Los Angeles, California, 104 E. 4th St. between Main and Los Angeles Streets.


I am very thrilled and deeply honored to be with two my artworks among the participants of the "The World Through My Eyes" international photography exhibition at the Galería Valid Foto in Barcelona, Spain!

The exhibition will be held from 10 to 28 April. The location is:
Galeria Valid Foto
Buenaventura Munoz 6


I'm so excited to be included in the Winter Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine by Circle Foundation for the Arts!


It’s both honor and pleasure to be awarded an Honorable Mention in “Black and White Street Photography” contest at the "Alverton Gallery".


"Mobile Reduktion" gallery - accidentally images taken "on the go" with simple smartphone.


I'm pleased to announce that I'm glad to announce that two my works - "Rush" and "Little Donkey" - will be represented at the "Electron Salon" group exhibition in LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art). The exhibition will be held from 8 March to 31 March.


It's difficult to describe my feelings (just an...emotional storm! I still do not believe!)...but one thing is clear: I'm extremely happy and proud to receive 3rd Place in the category "Fineart: Landscapes" as well as honorable mention in the category "People:Children" at the IPOTY - "International Photographer of the Year" - competition. It's really heartwarming to know your work is not just accepted but also awarded amongst finest entries from the world that are judged by the best in the industry!


I'm greatly honored to be a participant of the "Open 2018" exhibition at the Darkroom Gallery with two my works. This achievement will definitely spur me on to take on greater challenges and continually improve my craft. Thank you to the judge and everyone responsible for this beautiful event!

The exhibition will be held in Essex (USA) from 15 February to 18 March.


...and "The Trip" - last gallery from "Uzbekistan" series.


"Bukhara-Khiva" - the next gallery from Uzbekistan.


The next but not the last  "Uzbekistan" gallery "Bazaar".


It's such a great honor for me to receive three honorable mentions at the Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 in the categories "People", "Landscapes" and "Architecture". This is a great incentive for me to keep pressing forward. I want to thank the judges and extend congratulations to all the awardees, nominees and honorable mentions.


I'm very grateful, pleased and honored to be a participant of 2018 Midwest Center for Photography jured exhibition with 3 my works (2x in "People" Category und 1x in "Abstract" Category)! Many thanks to the jury and the organizers of this beautiful event!

The exhibition will be held in Wichita (USA) from 26 January to 9 February.


Some photos from Hudzhum - silk carpet factory in Samarkand, Uzbekistan - a very good place to buy a gorgeous hand-made carpet.


I'm very thrilled and delighted that two my works has been selected for international juried group exhibition "Street Photography" at Black Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece. Many thanks to the judge and best wishes for all participants!


I’m absolutely excited, happy and honored to receive six (!) Honorable Mentions at annual international photography competition Chromatic Photography Awards 2017: 2x in "Fine Art" category, 2x in "Street" and 2x in "Landscapes". I would like to thank the judges and congratulate all the nominees and winners!


It's great pleasure to be presented at "Snap to Grid" international exhibition organized by Los Angeles Center for Digital Art!


I'm very thrilled and delighted that my photo has been selected for international juried group exhibition "Color: Photography Now" at Black Box Gallery in Portland, USA. Many thanks to the judge and best wishes for all participants!


I am so happy and truly honoured to have been included in the selection of international photo exhibition "Open" of The SE Center for Photography (Greenville, USA) in December! Many thanks to the judge and congratulations to all the participants!


It's a great honor to receive honorable mention in the jured international competition "The Urban & Rural Landscape"! Many thanks to the judge and the organizers! Congratulations to all Winners and Nominees!


Some views of Budapest in the gallery "Budapest(2017)". Film photography, Kodak Portra 400.


Some "film" photos from Budapest:

-Kerepesi Cemetery

-Great Market Hall


I'm really delighted to be included in the group photoshow during the London Image Festival 2017 (25th-26th November)!


I feel very honoured to have been included in the selection of international photo contest and exhibition "The Essence of Monochrome"! Thank you to all the judges and "The Stockholm Diary" staff that make this event possible!

The exhibition will be held from 24 November until January 6th, 2018 December in Budapest, Hungary.  The details are here.


A major update of "Fineart '17' gallery.


Some new abstract photos: "Landing", "The Wall",  "Attire",  "Traffic" and "Rush". As well as little update of "Fineart" gallery with "Kalvin Ter" and "Morning sky beyond the Milky Way" photos.


What a pleasant surprise was to find that my image had been chosen for the international juried exhibition "The Decisive Moment" at the Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center in Minneapolis, USA. A huge thank you to the judge!  It's truly an honor!


It is lovely to be represented with 3 artworks at the "Trieste Photo Fringe" group exhibition ( 24.10.2017 - 24.11.2017, Trieste, Italy)!


I'm very happy to recieve a honarable mention at "2017 Photography Competition" of Artist Portfolio Magazine!


New "street photography" gallery "Summer 2017: Color".


I'm really honoured to be among the winners in Fusion Art's quarterly group art Exhibition "Photography" with five of my pictures.


I received "honorable recognition" at "ALL Cityscapes" art exhibition & competition by Contemporary Art Gallery.


I've got 3x Certificate of Acceptance at 64th Singapore International Photography Awards 2017: Two in "Street" section and one in "People" section.


I am happy to announce that five my works has been accepted for inclusion in the October 2017 show “Landscapes” at Colors of Humanity Art Gallery! You will find my works at on October 1, 2017.


I am very happy to announce that two my works - "Summer in the City"" and "The Window" - has been selected for jured group exhibition "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles!


One my work has been selected to be exhibited in the On-Line Annex gallery "Photo Shoot:2017" at Black Box Gallery and will be published in the full exhibition catalog.


One my photo has been selected for juried group Exhibition "iPhone Imagery" in online gallery of PhotoPlace Gallery's. The exhibition catalog is now available for viewing and purchase: hardcover and softcover.


1) As one of the few finalists, shortlisted for winning, I've got "Certificate of excellence" for artwork sumbitted to Artavita Art Contest #24.

2) New gallery "Tbilsii 2016: B&W". Film photography: Kodak Tri-X.


Two photobooks with some my photos:


-"Pathways and Passages"


"Summer 2017: Black and White" - some film street photography with Kodak Tri-X.


It's a great honor for me to be a nominee of the "Vincent van Gogh Photo Award" and participant of exhibition from 16th September - 8 October 2017 in the historic City center of Nuenen – The Netherlands, where great painter created most of his works.


Three my works have been chosen for inclusion in the Skies (September 2017) Online Juried Art Exhibition at Fusion Art Gallery


My photo got second place in international photography competition 'Certain Places'by L.A. Photo Curator with curator Karen Klinedinst.


New gallery "Tbilsii 2016: Color". Analog photography: Kodak Gold Ultra Max 400.


"MonoVisions Awards 2017" - International Black and White Photography Awards:

1x honorable mention in category "Series:Travel"

2x honorable mentions in category "Single photos:Landscapes"

3x honorable mentions in category "Single photos: Street Photography"


New gallery "Yerevan" (Armenia).


...August 2017, participation in:

- juried group exhibition "Black & White Art" - Fusion Art Gallery (online)

 - juried group exhibition "Pathways and Passages" - Darkroom Gallery (Essex, USA) 

- juried group exhibition "Shades of Gray" - Black Box Gallery (Portland, USA) 

- juried group exhibition "Street Photography" - PH21 Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)

- juried group exhibition "URBAN 2017 summer previews" - Trieste Airport (Italy) & "400 Bar" (Budapest, Hungary)


New Gallery  "Hamburger Fischmarkt" (Analog  photography, Kodak Tri-X)


New gallery  "Palma de Mallorca" ( Analog photography, Kodak Gold Ultra Max)

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