“Human is the reflection of his inner world. The way you think the way you are” (c) Marcus Tullius Cicero

The totality of heredity, the features of intrauterine development, the formed type of nervous system, the environment (culture with a certain set of values, norms and standards of behavior), as well as the social environment and interaction with it, which forms personal (positive or negative) experience - this is what makes up a person's personality, and what shapes his way of thinking.

It is that thick, branching weave that overhangs the river of life.

These are the filters through whose specific processing passes everything that enters human creation and that form the basis for the subsequent interpretation of reality by the psyche, which ultimately deals not with objective reality, but with its reflection.

And it is these filters that set the vector of movement through life: they determine how a person perceives the reality around him, how he reacts to it, how his personal life is formed and how his career develops.

Therefore, many problems in human life arise because of the peculiarities of his thinking, and the reason that a person can not solve the problems arising, is that he continues to think and act under the influence of the algorithms of the above-mentioned filters.

This is why it is so important to develop the skill of self-reflection, the ability to understand oneself, to analyze what is reflected inside. It is necessary, looking deep inside, to wade through the thicket of one's actions, feelings and emotions. Impartially look at them from the outside, comprehending the positive and negative aspects of the experience, tracing to which trunks of causes the branches of consequences stretch, and on the basis of this to draw conclusions in order to move forward thoughtfully and rationally. With the developed skill of self-reflection a person controls his thoughts, not them, and it is this that is the key to knowing about oneself and the basis of life experience that helps one develop.

Morton Feldman ~ Rothko Chapel

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