…listening to the third movement of Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony was interrupted by a growing high-pitched hum outside the open window. After a while the hum subsided, then the WBR channels outside the window dispersed, and in the resulting space appeared a large orange eye, which smugly transmitted at high frequencies the dense traffic of existentialism and mixed agnostically bitter anthropology with ripe dandelions from the 1913 harvest. The eye squinted, blinked, and disappeared.

Outside the window, the dusky, everyday landscape reappeared: half rotted trunks of fallen trees of the past, beyond which could be seen the cyclopean structures of a rusty industrial area, where shaky, thin shadows assiduously burned the remains of the V and Z-infected. In the dark lead-colored sky, surrounded by the crimson lightning of the inexorable future, there still hung a scattering of dead particles of the Gone's consciousness: black orbs that looked like frozen comets. The orbs projected a giant-sized rhetorical question over the industrial area, "Did we really fuck it all up?" in neon colors.

Despite the distance, flashes of the wild laughter of the dead, the hoarse roll call of the overseers, and the harsh cursing from the endless recycling queue could be heard from the zone - “unlife” still lingered in the miserable ruins of the present. The landscape definitely reeked of residual traces of waiting for free quantum probabilities, almost superseded by the newly discovered "empty time”.

"This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.” - the Consul muttered, took a scattering of small red and blue pills from the table, and without looking sent one of them into his mouth.

There was silence for a moment. Then it's quickly brightened outside the window and the sunbeams began to dance on the windowsill. There was the screech of an owl and the playful drumming of rain on the roof, joined in the house by the confused creaking of the floorboards and the noise from a house party of moles behind the wall.

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